Winter Greetings!

Every year I paint a few small (or large) snow paintings and choose one for my annual holiday card.  Yes, I still send cards, signed and stamped, then thoughtfully delivered to your home by our intrepid postal carriers.  Quaint, old fashioned, I can’t help myself.  I just love the feel of paper in my hands. So for any of you recovering romantics, that yearn for similar, feel free to send your address to and I will add you to my list so next year you can tear open a silky surprise this time of year.  Sent just to you. 

For the more screen savvy folks, here is your digital version delivered right into your email inbox or FB feed… If you make it past the gorgeous painting below, there is an update on what is cooking in my colorful kitchen.  Thank you to all those who continue to follow my creative journey.  I am truly grateful.

Wishing you all the Peace and Joy this sacred season embodies. 

Warmest regards,


2019 Workshops

Turn on the Light! –Nailing Value and Color Mixing

April 5 & 6

Nashville, Tennessee

Painting on the Mountain

July 8-12


Monteagle, Tennessee

Fast & Furious II – Painting from the Intuitive Side

November 29 & 30

Nashville, Tennessee

2 workshops in South Africa

dates TBD

Johannesburg, South Africa

More info soon…

2020 Workshops

Painting Snow

January 17th & 18th

Nashville, Tennessee

Still working on something for Colorado and Chattanooga folks.  Let me know if you have any interest, and I will do my best to make that happen. 

For more info, check out my website.  It’s really cool. 

See you in the studio, galleries or at the easel.


“Fresh Air Painting on the Mountain”

July 08 - July 12, 2024
Monteagle, Tennessee

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