Together We Can

Hello from Nashville, Tennessee, where I am tucked in for the for the next level of crazy. After two rounds of tornados, pandemic, power outages from hurricane winds and now sorting out the mostly peaceful protesters from the few angry agitators, I’ve decided my job is to build resilience while I continue to be a conduit for beauty and kindness in whatever way one small person can.

In that spirit, I am sending this update to give you something to read that has nothing to do with your personal struggles. They are all too real. Instead I offer this momentary break from the stress, worry, politics, and opinions that saturate our communities. I need time to refuel so I can be in the world serving up what I can with a clear hopeful heart. I have found great comfort in my artist friends that continue to work, creating or performing because we as artists are made that way and that’s what we do best. May this little smattering of goodies bring a brief moment of respite for you. If it helps you, please send it out to anyone you think might find this a welcome change up. Fuel for the soul for the next wave of Life.

We are all in a storm right now, with little idea what will come next. I laugh when I think of my 2020 New Year’s resolutions and dreams. I also can’t stop blinking trying to untangle how one week can be so different from the next. I heard someone describe that while it is the same storm we are caught up in our boats are all different. May your boat however small and modest or large and luxurious, sail on staying upright and true as the storms continue. May your fellow passengers find kindness and resilience within your ship. And if you are alone, may you conquer your feelings of loneliness and abandonment. If you are one of the very lucky, blessed with abundance, may generosity be your legacy from this time during these most extraordinary of times.

~ Kim


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